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S.H.A.P.E. Supporting Hepatitis Awareness through Program Enhancement

The overall objective of SHAPE is to provide capacity building assistance  tools to integrate HCV awareness, screening and care within a health facility’s existing infrastructure and culture.  SHAPE tools have been developed to improve the HCV standard of care within health systems to routinely include HCV screening, testing, linkage to cure, and support.

Greenlight HCV

GREENLIGHT Hepatitis C will provide guidance and information for step-by-step integration and development of hepatitis C testing, patient identification, linkage to CURE and long-term support for those affected by hepatitis C and the people who care for them.

The  information  provided primarily targets health service providers; however, individuals with HCV, or friends and family may find this information helpful, too.  For individual assistance with hepatitis C,  we invite you to review  the  Caring Ambassadors  Program and  Hepatitis C pages of our website.

Enjoy the learning.          Spread the word.

Thank you for your interest in promoting hepatitis C awareness and treatment!

Capacity Building for  Health Care Providers
Information describing the technical aspects of HCV and tools for integrating HCV into the standard of care:

  • Surveillance
  • Testing
  • Staging Liver Disease
  • Linkage to Cure

Up-to-Date  Information
Current information on the latest:

  • Strategies, Studies, Reports
  • Research
  • Policy & Legislation

Resource Centers and Information Stations
Custom-designed implementation of resources to support system-specific needs:

  • Resource Centers (Libraries, kiosks, handouts, etc. for educating healthcare providers)
  • Information Stations (kiosks, brochures, handouts, etc., to provide to the communities you serve)

Educational Training Tools
Access to articles, presentations, webinars and videos, etc.

  • Hepatitis C Education for Healthcare Providers
  • Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs
  • Hepatitis C Educational Materials for the General Public
To find helpful resources to support your Hepatitis C Advocacy work, visit  our    Hepatitis C – Advocate  section


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